Childbirth Education

As a certified Lamaze childbirth educator, I work hard to support your goals and visions for labor in a professional and compassionate manner. Providing physical and emotional comfort, as well as a wealth of useful information, allows you to be in control of your birth choices.

All women should feel safe and respected during birth, no matter what choices they make or how they behave. I believe women deserve the truth. "Standard practice" or "hospital policy" are terms thrown around a lot in the birth industry. What my classes offer is current, evidence-based science and research regarding safe and normal birth.

Private Phone Consultation: Thirty minutes $50

Do you want to ask questions about labor and birth and get real answers without hearing someone retell their own birth story? Do you feel like you’re bothering your OB when you want to talk about pregnancy aches and pains? Are you exhausted from searching through tons of birth blogs when all you want is some straightforward tips on how to avoid a caesarean? Do you wish someone could give practical advice on writing a birth plan? Ask me anything! No judgment, just the facts, practical advice, and a compassionate listener.

Pain Relief and Comfort Measures: One two-hour class intensive $100

Did you take a hospital childbirth class and feel like something was missing? Have you read a ton of books and information on line but are still unsure what it will all means for your specific labor and birth? With this one two-hour intensive I will teach you and your support person very practical ways to ease pain during labor. A recent study found first time mothers who took childbirth classes that focused on complementary pain management were 65% less likely to use an epidural and had a 44% reduction in need for cesareans.

Private Lamaze Certified Corse: Three two-hour classes $300

This is not your mother's Lamaze class.

Once recognized only as breathing techniques for labor, Lamaze is now the leader in evidence-based childbirth education with a mother-centered focus. Knowledge reduces fear, and less fear reduces pain. Don't look back on your birth experience and say, "If I had only known!"

I am also available to teach group classes for private offices and hospitals.

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.